Is there a 'Detective Linda Mysteries' in the mix?

22 Feb

I’m feverishly trying to finish book II, ‘Pride and Perilous’ (look for a couple more sample chapters in the next two months), and I keep thinking I’d love to do a spinoff, a ‘Detective Linda Mysteries’ set in and around New Hope with Detective Linda Sikorsky. She’s in New York City in this second book and helps Kyle as he tries to solve the Pride Gallery murders before another victim is killed. They make a good team, but I wonder … might she not make a good central character of her own? And why not write a series with a lesbian detective at the center? Women are now writing gay mysteries (quite a few of them). It’s fiction, for godsake! We’re free to write what we’re capable of writing, and if I could pull it off, I’d love to get a second series going. Just a thought?


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20 Feb



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16 Feb


New York LGBT Center bans author whose book discusses Israel/Palestine

15 Feb

Perhaps they’ll prevent the Hagel nomination as well …

From Gay City News:

 A leading queer community author was barred from an appearance at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center apparently because the book she was to discuss deals with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“We requested space for me to do a presentation of my new book ‘Israel/ Palestine and the Queer International,’ which has gotten a good review in the Lambda Literary Review,” wrote Sarah Schulman in a February 11 email. “It is amazing to me that after all my work in the community, I could be refused a platform to present a queer book.”

Schulman has published 17 books and is a leading progressive voice in the queer community. She holds the title of distinguished professor in the City University of New York (CUNY) system and has received multiple awards and fellowships.

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