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Ocean City Boardwalk

31 Aug

Another day, another boardwalk. Or should I say another evening? Here’s Ocean City, Maryland at night, crowded, games, carnies, melting ice cream. We stopped by after dinner to stroll through the mob and take a ride on the ferris wheel. I didn’t mention to the others that I had a fear of heights until we were halfway up.

I don’t recommend having your soft ice cream cone dipped in chocolate. It melts, you can’t lick the cooled hard chocolate off fast enough, and it ends up all over your hand.

Friends and Food (Part Two – Dinner)

31 Aug

You can’t come to this area and not have crabs, or at least watch other people eat them. I’ve had a few, but I’m not really into beating my food with a mallet and digging the edible parts out.

We ate at Crab Alley, where we ate last year. Fun place, has a real local feel (with local drunks at its local bar). I had fried clams and scallops.

Bethany Beach

31 Aug

Here we are at Bethany Beach proper. Boardwalks everywhere seem to be the same, but this one’s smaller, not such a carnival atmosphere. It’s more about the beach here, without the games and rides. Mostly just souvenir shops, some higher end places and some restaurants. A good place to spend the day with a book, under an umbrella.

The weather service could not have been more wrong. We were supposed to have thunderstorms all afternoon and evening, and instead . . . hot and sunny. I’m a rain guy, so I was looking forward to the soak, but it never came.

Friends and Food (Part One – Breakfast)

31 Aug

We’re on the outskirts of Bethany Beach, Delaware, staying at our friend Kathi’s house. She and her husband Dave have a house here, a farm house in Maryland where they actually live, and a boat docked not far from here. It’s my second Labor Day weekend here with friends and the family of friends – in this case Kathi’s mother who lives about ten minutes away. Her name’s Marge and for some reason everyone calls her Aunt Marge. She makes a mean EggBeaters omelette.

On the Cape May-Lewes Ferry

30 Aug

I’m not so sure it’s a good idea to have two full bars on a ferry full of cars, but that’s the way it is. The trip from Cape May to Lewes takes about 90 minutes. I always find the water relaxing and can’t wait for the 50th b-day two week cruise in October. Until then I could get a little taste of sailing on the trip across the Deleware Bay.

On Our Way – Labor Day Weekend 2008

30 Aug

I’m on he way with Frank and Lisa for a long weekend in Rehoboth and Ocean City (posts to follow). About three hours into the trip we stopped at Smithville, NJ, a small cluster of shops and a restaurant or two that considers itself historic.

We were here last year, same weekend, but on the return. The restaurant’s nice, maybe too much food, but we browsed the wine shop, candle shop, and of course the sweets shop, where I had the fortitude to walk out before buying anything.

Next Stop Shreveport

29 Aug

Frank and I are heading South in early 2009 to visit my friend Rick (aka Rockcliffe Rick – don’t forget to stay there when you’re in Hannibal!) in Shreveport and then on to Natchez where I have a ridiculously large birth family. In the meantime, here’s a glimpse of what awaits us . . .

Rick here, friend of Mark’s. Recently moved to Shreveport and have traveled from corner to corner getting to know the people and terrain of this diverse and fun-filled state. In Shreveport, folks enjoy good southern cooking. Strawn’s Eat Shop says it all. Great strawberry pie, the best biscuits ever and always a friendly face and story with a local-flavor. Loyd Hall is an old plantation home located outside Alexandria, LA known as Cenlo Area of the state. Great stories about its haunting and incredible B&B options, if you are brave enough. Opelusus takes you south of Cenlo on your way to the quatrant of LA most folks know. Plantation homes and wonderfully big trees fill this part of the state. Then there’s New Orleans with wedding parades, Bourbon Street and incredible architecture. My favorite place of all to date? Natchitoches (and not only because I love the name and spelling or because STEEL MAGNOLIAS was shot there)! You can try a meat pie (which they are known for), enjoy the River Walk, see old homes (as I was here in the final picture) or actually take a STEEL MAG walk…maps available at the visitors center. Come vist y’all y’all!

Rick Rose

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