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Bay Village

7 Sep

I can sit around a house just so long before the need to do something takes over. I suggested to Kathi, who’s only here until tomorrow, that we check out the sights, so four of us drove over to Bay Village. Very cute little cluster of shops – sourenirs, fudge, ice cream and coffee. I had to get a coffee cup, since there aren’t any mugs in the house, and a t-shirt that says ‘Life is Crap’ with a frustrated fly fisherman on it. The antithesis of ‘Love is a Warm Puppy.’ Not that I think life really is crap, it’s quite good and something I’ve enjoyed for nearly fifty years (that birthday looms – and we’re off on a two-week cruise the very day!). But the contrarian in me had a good laugh at this shirt.

The Beach Week Begins

7 Sep

It was great to wake up this morning to the sound of the ocean. And yesterday when we got here it was just as hurricane Hannah was about to dump vast amounts of rain. Being a hundred yards from the beach as a hurricane roils the ocean is quite something.

We’ll be here on Long Beach Island for a week. More specifically, Beach Haven. It’s part of this very slim little island, so narrow you can see the bay when you look to the right as you drive along and the ocean on the left. It appears to have a lot of houses like this one that are rented from the summer. We’re here after the summer, at least as far as tourism goes (Labor Day is the traditional end), and that’s fine with me. Fewer people (which means fewer kids) and a full week of relaxing.

Last Dinner in Bethany Beach

1 Sep

The weeked’s over (almost – we’re driving to Atlantic City today and I’m taking the bus home tonight while Frank and Lisa stay until Tuesday). We had our final dinner at the fabulous Patsy’s in Bethany Beach. That’s Frank and Kathi in the back of her car, and the chocolate cake was big enough for three.

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