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All Aboard!

28 Oct

I thought I’d get this first post up before we sail. I don’t think I’ll be posting after that until we get back. I’m told the roaming charges are outrageous, even if I could log on.

Here we are getting ready to ship off from Ft. lauderdale. Me, Frank, Frank’s dad and his friend. The ship is the Noordam, Holland America line.

Lucky Day at the Seminole Casino

27 Oct

We don’t really go sightseeing here, and we’ll be getting on the cruise ship tomorrow, but here’s a picture of Frank and his dad Murray in front of the Seminole Casino in Coconut Creek, FL. I walked out $80 richer than I walked in, which makes it a good side trip.

Autumn in the Country

11 Oct

The leaves have turned and started to fall out here in Stockton. The house is cool, the air clear. It’s a lovely time of year. As we drove in last night on one of the nearby roads, a young deer walked gingerly across in front of us. A country life.

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