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Foggy day in Stockton

27 Dec

It’s eerie to have fog that just sits from sunrise to sundown, but that’s the way it’s been here today. As I look out the living room window, the same thick blanket of fog is there, near sunset, that was hanging over the trees when we woke up this morning. It has a strange beauty.

Christmas in Poughkeepsie

27 Dec

We went to Frank’s brother’s house in Poughkeepsie on Christmas day. Frank bought his eight year old niece Jessica a Wii for Christmas and they’d managed to keep it a surprise. She screamed with delight when she opened it, and we all spent the next seven hours playing Wii sports.

I’d planned to get pictures of Poughkeepsie (this is a travel blog), but we never went into town. Instead we headed to the Jersey house on Friday morning and finally got around to opening our own presents.

Snow in Stockton

7 Dec

Finally snow in the country. We came out Saturday, intending to buy a tree this weekend but that’s likely to wait now. And then this morning, the ground covered in a thin blanket of snow.

Look closely at the window.

Rehoboth – Thanksgiving part II

3 Dec

After my winning a big twenty dollars in Atlantic City, we drove to Rehoboth/Bethany Beach for a second Thanksgiving with Kathi and extended family/friends. Fabulous meal by Gene and Aunt Marge. Gene’s parents came on Saturday, which was a nice chance to see them again.

Friday night we ate at the Blue Moon restaurant in Rehoboth – outstanding. Fried green tomato appetizer that was not your gramma’s fried green tomatoes. Mmmmm. And for dessert this thing called a moon pie. We all assumed it would be a small round cookie sandwich with ice cream, but it was enormous, an ice cream mound about the size of a quarter watermelon, with chocolate cookie crust on the bottom, easily enough for three people. The restaurant specializes in it, and they don’t tell you how big it is when you order it.

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