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Landmarc restaurant Tribeca – four yums

28 Aug

We had dinner for Frank’s (very belated) birthday last night at the Landmarc in Tribeca. Owner and Chef Marc Murphy has created a delightful menu that’s a variety of selections described as “a delicious culinary ride through France and Italy.” One of Murphy’s three restaurants, the Landmarc in Tribeca proved to be an excellent choice for an excellent meal.

Frank had the marinated white anchovies with radicchio, radish and orange appetizer, followed by grilled salmon ratatouille and black olive tapenade. I had the endive with blue cheese and walnuts salad and a seared tuna entrée. We split a side of leeks vinaigrette. I’d never had leeks as a side dish and they were terrific.

The restaurant has two floors. Downstairs was fairly full so we headed upstairs and had the room to ourselves (that’s why it looks empty in the photo). We got there early, and by the time we were finishing several other parties arrived to fill up the second floor.

Price-wise it was on the high-moderate end ($130 for two people, including drinks). They only sell half-bottles of wine, but that’s okay, it’s easy to finish off.

All in all, four yums out of five. If you’re in the Tribeca area, definitely give the place a try.

Casada at Beatstock 2009 – Evacuate the Dancefloor

17 Aug

Should be a big hit. The audience knew the lyrics already (and we heard it on the radio driving home).

Cascada at Jones Beach – Beatstock 2009

17 Aug

Cascada (Natalie Horler) is one of Frank’s big acts. I met her before, but not for any length of time. This year we stopped at her dressing room and spent about ten or fifteen minutes. She was very friendly, very energetic. Rick and Frank chatted her up while I was my usual quiet self. It did bring my spirits up after a hot day.

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Backstreet Boys at Beatstock – video

17 Aug

Not bad for a comeback.

Backstreet Boys at Beatstock

17 Aug

The crowd went nuts. We were backstage when the Boys went on and we heard a deafening roar. Rick said it must be the Backstreet Boys. I wasn’t sure, but when we went out front it was indeed them. We had front stage tickets as well, and it turned out they were great seats. Good pix, and good video.

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Long Beach for the weekend

17 Aug

My old friend Rick was here for the weekend, specifically to see Cascada at Jones Beach. We went to Megajam Party 105 on Saturday. Frank’s act, Anna Grace, was performing. I only have video of saying hello to her backstage. It was kind of a bust this year. Low turnout, crappy location. Last year it was combined with the balloon festival and was a lot more crowded and fun.

We spent the night at Vivian’s apartment in Long Beach, just yards from the boardwalk. Ungodly hot day on Sunday but it cooled off enough that the afternoon was nice and the Beatstock concert was fine.

Amish Acres arts and crafts fair

1 Aug

After breakfast yesterday at a diner across from the hotel, we headed to Amish Acres in Nappanee where they’re having the 47th Annual Arts & Crafts Fair. I’d been to Amish Acres about thirty-five years ago when I lived here. The place isn’t all that interesting without the arts fair, unless you like taking tours of the house and the farm and learning about Amish life.

The arts fair, however, was huge, with easily a hundred vendors. We zig-zagged our way through the booths and found a lot of interesting things. Crafts, mostly, some art. Gifts for the family. And food, although we didn’t eat anything except ‘pickles on a stick’ (just big pickles with a large toothpick in them). Picked up some fudge for Dad and we did have ice cream. Mmmmm. The weather was perfect, if a little hot for me when then sun came out from behind a cloud. If you’re in the area when the arts fair is happening, I’d definitely recommend stopping by.

Interesting note: several of the booths were run by Indians. This area of Indiana was once populated by the Potawatomi Indians. A lot of Indian names to the places (Mishawaka, Nappanee). I have no idea if the Indians at the arts fair are descended from them, but there is a surprising Indian presence in the area that I’d never noticed growing up here.

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