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Breakfast at Rainbow Mountain

28 Jul

From last weekend but the pleasant memory remains. Heading to Boston tomorrow.

Polaroid of danishes at the the Lyric Diner

27 Jul

Urban evolution: city mice really are different from country mice

27 Jul

Scientists are studying evolution right here in New York City. It seems the genes of city mice really are different as the mice evolve to urban living. Link below.

Urban evolution in NYC

Subway with toy camera setting.

27 Jul

Madison Square Park

27 Jul

My favorite small park in New York City, on the way to work.

New direction of a radical sort for MadeMark

27 Jul

Rings we got last year, just waiting for a license!

You’ll notice the posting column is almost blank. I deleted over 2700 posts. I’ve realized lately that my mind is cluttered, that pockets of toxins have collected here and there and it was time to clean it all out. I’m not going to use this blog for political sniping any more. No more snark, no more participation in the poisonous cesspool of comments sections where everyone just loves to hear their own anger amplified and spread (Not MY comments section, silly! The ones I spent too much time cruising, where bitchiness passes for clever and too many people are raging reflections of each other.)

A photo here and there. A musing. I’m not sure yet what’s going to be here. But it won’t be part of an echo chamber I no longer want to be in. So nobody reads it, so what. It was time to clean house and that’s what I’ve done. Now we’ll just see where it goes. xxoo – Mark

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