Website provides history of NYC subway deaths

26 Jul

The things that come across my desk!  This website caught my attention because I often step back on the platform and look around me when a train approaches, just in case some lunatic is hiding behind a subway beam just waiting to push me in front of the N.


The New York City subway averages 26 suicides a year and claims around 200 victims total. Is it any wonder that we’re all slightly more sketched out when we step onto the train for that morning commute? The good news is that despite recent events, New Yorkers have less reason to freak out over subway safety these days than they ever have before. The city’s underground transportation system has been under construction for over a century, and people have been dying as a result of it pretty much nonstop since digging first started. Compared to the exotic accidents, crashes, and tunnel failures of yesteryear, the causes of death for more recent victims of the subway have become downright mundane.

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