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Ojai, CA – the Blue Iguana Inn

30 Oct

We’re staying at the Blue Iguana Inn, just about three houses away from my sister’s house on Loma Drive in Ojai. The main highway is right outside, but you don’t notice, especially when your within the grounds, and definitely not from the rooms.

Two years ago we stayed at the Emerald Iguana, sister to this place, a bit more off the beaten path and larger. But it’s terrific here. We have a suite, with a large living room, full kitchen, and big bedroom. I love these kinds of rooms, but we need to use the kitchen one of these times. I don’t like having a kitchen to go waste, and this is one you could cook big, full meals in. Maybe I’ll make breakfast tomorrow or Sunday.

The room rates are very reasonable (just about anywhere outside Manhattan seems reasonable to me, until you get to Europe). $150 the first night, $199 the second two, because it’s a weekend. This is the kind of place you could easily stay a week, and not even leave the room much.

Note: If you’ve stayed in places where the staff is friendly and says, “Good morning, where y’all from?” don’t expect it here. There’s a definite chi chi vibe. We went to the office for the continental breakfast they serve and the supermodel behind the desk didn’t acknowledge us in any way. So if you want cozy-friendly, find a bed and breakfast run by overweight extroverts.

Addendum: The lady at the front desk this morning was very friendly, I take it back. I guess it just depends on who you run into and how friendly you are yourself.
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